Art Tribute to Stephen King

Enamored by this collection of King-inspired artwork.

I Can’t Stop Watching This Gyrating Android

On display March 6 – April 19 at David Zwirner Art Gallery in NYC, the untitled piece is the work of artist Jordan Wolfson, who created the figure in collaboration with the studio Spectral Motion.

I love LASER

Above is video of Jennifer Parker describing her art/tech interdisciplinary program, OpenLab at the last LASER series I attended at UC Berkeley a few months ago.  She brings to the table some crazy, inspiring projects and insightful advice for any nerd considering a large-scale collaborative project.

Never heard of LASER?  Allow me to introduce you to my favorite local lecture series:

Breadboard Art Collective

Breadboard Art Collective Commeth

Are you a maker?  A hacker?  An artist?  A nerd?  A person?  Here’s your call to action:  join the Breadboard Art Collective!  Art / Tech / Science melted into one

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by Bosch


I promised myself that this coming New Year I’d be more proactive about committing my experiences to words, so here is my year in review inspired by D-L Alvarez:


Website Reboot 2014

New year, new theme!  What do you think?